Aukey Premium Foldable Desk Lamp

713bea5p50lThe lamp came well packaged in polystyrene inside a brown cardboard box. It stands around 40cm high, the base is 12cm X 19cm and the light bar is 35cm long. On the base are touch sensitive buttons, one to turn the light on and off, one to set a timer for auto shut off, one to cycle through the different light outputs and one to turn on a nightlight. There is also a touch sensitive “slider” so that you can adjust the brightness. The light turns through 45 degrees on the base.

The upright can be angled through 90 degrees and the light bar can adjust through approximately 135 degrees. It is powered by a 10 volt AC adapter and has a 5 volt 1 amp USB output to charge mobile devices. On its brightest setting this light can illuminate a good sized room with ease.

Amazon link:

Price: £27.99.

DISCLAIMER: I received this item free in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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