Aukey LED Atmosphere Lamp

This good looking modern style table lamp comes in a standard cardboard box. It is around 8 inches (200mm) high and 4 inches (100mm) in diameter. The lamp is powered by a low voltage adapter that is supplied and is simple to operate. A touch of the finger on the aluminium base turns the light on at its dimmest setting, a second touch brightens the light to it mid setting, a third touch puts the light on to its brightest setting and a fourth touch turns the light off. At its brightest setting it gives out an excellent amount of light. Holding your finger on the base for a few seconds turns the light into its colour change mode which cycles through the 256 colours. A quick touch in this mode locks the light at that colour and another touch starts the cycle mode again. Touching the light for a few seconds then turns it off. When the light is off a small blue LED is lit and this stays on permanently but I found this not to be a problem.

Amazon link:

Price: £25.99

DISCLAIMER: I received this item free in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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